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I became interested in photography during high school. My dad was a photo enthusiast and we used to develop our own color slides and black and white prints in a darkroom in our basement. In high school I spent a fair amount of my free time in the school darkroom or exploring outside. I've never been much of a people photographer, focusing more on outdoor, landscape and travel photography.

I make my living as a computer programmer for IBM but my interest in photography has remained over the years. I started with Minolta equipment and then invested in Nikon - beginning with an 8008 and then an F100 and now a D100 and D300. I have had the good fortune to travel a reasonable amount for my work and enjoy taking a few extra days to explore with my camera. I also plan many of my vacations around photography. I went to Antarctica in February 2004 and Churchill, Manitoba and Wapusk National Park in Canada to experience polar bears in 2005. My most recent adventure was a Safari to Tanzania in summer 2008.

I enjoy sharing my work with family and friends and have decided to expand my horizons to the web. Building this site allows me to share my visions and to improve my web development skills. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to update the site - it is "on the list"! I have a sporadic LightFancy photo blog about my trips. Enjoy!

Becky Gibson
January, 2009
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